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2000 Years Since...What?
by Paul L. Maier

Abortion and the Law: Three Clarifications
by John Warwick Montgomery

Advancing in the Path of Righteousness: A Journey in the Cross of Christ
by Steven A. Hein

Answering the Theological Case for Abortion Rights
by Scott Klusendorf

Apologetics for Postmoderns
by Douglas Groothius

Approaching the Next Millennium
by Paul R. Raabe

Are Today's Ears Hearing the Timeless Message? - For the Life of the World
by Rev. Dr. Carl C. Fickenscher II

[A] Back-to-School Survival Guide
by Scott Klusendorf

Baptism and Faith - Just Whose Work Is It?
by Dr. Richard Shuta

Baptism in the New Testament
by Andrew Das

Baptism - Is It a Work of God or a Work of Man?

Baptism - Is it a Work of God, or a Work of Man?
from Good News magazine

Be Filled with the Spirit
by Don Matzat

[A] Bethlehem Grotto, from The First Christmas
by Dr. Paul L. Maier

[The] Bible is the Authoritative Word of God
by Ken Schurb

[A] Bible Jesus Could Have Used
by Nathan Jastram

A Bible Study on Repentance
from Good News magazine

Big, Monolithic & Anti-Christian - The Media Conspiracy
by Paul Coughlin

[The] Birth of Jesus - Concordia Commentary on Luke 1:1-9:50
by by Dr. Arthur A. Just

[The] Blueprint for the Gospel
by Todd Wilken

Bonhoeffer on Abortion
by Charles Ford

Can the Traditional Family Survive Feminism?
by Carolyn Graglia

Can War Be Just?
by Dr. John F. Johnson
from The Lutheran Witness

Cardinal Principles of Lutheranism and "Evangelical Theology"
by Karl L. Barth

[The] Challenge of an Hermeneutical View of Law and Gospel in the Apocalypse
by Dr. Louis Brighton

[A] Christ-Centered Marriage
by David Shadday

Christ in the Old Testament
by Horace Hummel

Introduction: The Christian's Calling in the World
from God at Work : Your Christian Vocation in All of Life
by Gene Edward Veith

Christian Psychology and Spiritual Care: Approaches to Ministerial Health
by Beverly K. Yahnke

Christians in a Dot Com World
by Gene Edward Veith

[The] Christian Tradition in Country Music
by Gene Edward Veith and Thomas L. Wilmeth

Christianity & Culture: God’s Double Sovereignty
by Gene Edward Veith

[The] Church, the Communion of Saints
by Martin Luther

Commentary: Felix Hell and the Worship War
by Uwe Siemon-Netto

Concordia Commentary on Revelation
by Dr. Louis Brighton

Confessing the Faith at College
by Pam Knepper

[The] Contribution of the Reformation to Preaching
by Carl C. Fickenscher II

[The] Creed Defines the Scriptures and Strengthens the Faith
by Rev. Peter Bender

Creeds - What are They All About?
by Rev. Dr. Roger D. Pittelko

[The] Creed: Walking in the Faith of Our Fathers
by Rev. Dr. Detlev Schulz

[A] Critique of Chinese Religious Options
by John Warwick Montgomery

[A] Critique of The Prayer of Jabez
by Todd Wilken

[The] Cross is Our Theology
by Steven Hein

[The] Damnable Paradox that Saves
by Steven Hein

Dead? Wounded? Or Merely Uninformed?
by Don Matzat

[The] Dead Sea Scrolls: Interview with Dr. Nathan Jastram
from The Lutheran Witness

Deathly Evangelism
by Rev. Ronald F. Marshall

Debunking the Case Against Miracles
by Ron Rhodes

Defending the Truth
by Don Matzat

Depression Deceptions
by Rev. James Winsor

Dictionary of Theological Terms
by Don Matzat

Differences Make a Difference
by Os Guinness

Different Viewpoints on The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

[The] Distinction Between Justification & Sanctification
from Good News magazine

[The] Disturbing Legacy of Charles Finney
by Dr. Michael Horton

Do I need to listen to Christian music to be a Christian?
by Lori Lewis

Do Not Be Alarmed
by Todd Wilken

Do You Need Spiritual Exercise?
by Don Matzat

[The] Doctrine of Death brings Life
by Steven Hein

[The] Doctrine of Justification and Contemporary "Born Again" Theology
by Dr. John Johnson

Ecumenism: Facts and Illusions
by Kurt Marquart

Encouragement for the Weary
by Pastor James Winsor

[The] End Times in Revelation
from Good News magazine

Eschatological Tension and Existential Angst: "Now" and "Not Yet" in Romans 7:14-25 and 1QS 11 (Community Rule, Manual of Discipline)

[The] Essentiality of Transcendence and the Failure of Religious Answers
by Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

Ethics and Suffering
by Dr. Richard C. Eyer

Evangelism in a Postmodern Age
by Don Matzat

[An] Exegetical Study of 1 Corinthians 14:33b-38
by Walter A. Maier

Faith: New Generation Is Looking Back
by Uwe Siemon-Netto

Falling away from faith
by George F. Wollenburg

Feelings, Emotions and Christian Truth
by Don Matzat

Fellow Patients in the same Hospital: Law and Gospel in the Works of C. S. Lewis
by Angus J. L. Menuge

First Sunday in Advent - Matthew 24:37-44
by Dr. Jeff Gibbs

Five Bad Ways to Argue About Abortion
by Scott Klusendorf

by Rev. Peter Kurowski

Four Movements
by Don Matzat

Fourth Sunday in Advent - Micah 5:2-4
by by Dr. Andrew Bartlet

From Arrowhead to Augsburg: Bill Bright in the Light of the Lutheran Confessions
by Craig A. Parton

Getting Righteous, Doing Nothing
by Steven Hein

God & Caesar
by Dr. Laurence White

God's Country?
by John Warwick Montgomery

God's Law & Gospel Work Differently!
from Good News magazine

God Works Through Law & Gospel
from Good News magazine

Going to the Dogs!
by Don Matzat

Good Grief - How Depression is a Blessing in Disguise
by Rev. James Winsor

[The] Gospel and Justification (Chapter 1)
by Jacob A. O. Preus

[The] Gospel as Words (Chapter 2)
by Jacob A. O. Preus

[The] Great Premillennial HOAX
by Don Matzat

The Guest - Local Shephed's, Distant Magi
by Dr. Paul L. Maier

Helping Families In Need - The Adoption Option
by Dr. Jean Garton

[The] Hermeneutics of Annihilationism: The Theological Method of Edward Fudge
by Robert A. Peterson

History, Archaeology and Jesus
by Paul L. Maier

Hitting for the Cycle
by Don Matzat

Hope Through Reconciliaton
by Ted Kober
from The Lutheran Witness

How Muslims Do Apologetics: The Apologetic Approach of Muhammad Ali and Its Implications for Christian Apologetics
by John Warwick Montgomery

How Shock Musician Marilyn Manson
Lost his Christianity

by Paul Coughlin

How We Got the Bible (Chapter 13)
by Dr. Lane Burgland

How We Got the Bible (Chapter 14)
by Dr. Lane Burgland

Human Dignity and the Human Heart
by Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

[The] Humiliation of Christ
from Luther's Small Catechism

In Defense of Infant Baptism
by Don Matzat

Infant Baptism
by Andrew Das

Infant Baptism in Early Church History
by Dennis Kastens

Inside Look at the Promise Keepers
by Don Matzat

Interview with Dr. John Warwick Montgomery
by Don Matzat

Interview with Os Guiness
by Don Matzat

Introduction: The Apologists of Eucatastrophe
by Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

Introduction to The Oracles of God
by Andrew Steinmann

[The] Intrusion of Psychology into Christian Theology
by Don Matzat

Is God an Evolutionist?
by Dr. David N. Menton

Is God Trying to Tell Us Something?
by Todd Wilken

Is Popular Culture Either?
by Ken Myers

Is the Bible True?
by Jeff Sheler

Is the Church a Business? Who are We to Please?
by Rodney E. Zwonitzer

Is the Father of Jesus the God of Muhammad?
by Dr. Timothy George

Islam's Worldwide Revival
by Joseph P. Gudel

It's the Lord's Supper
by Charles L. Manske

[The] James Ossuary
by Dr. Paul L. Maier
from The Lutheran Witness

Jesus -- Legend or Lord?
by Paul L. Maier

Jesus and the Wrath of God
by Dr. David P. Scaer

Johann Sebastian Bach and Scripture: "O God, from Heaven Look Down"
by Paul Hofreiter

John the Baptist, Luke 3:1-6
by Jeff Gibbs

Josephus on Jesus
by Paul L. Maier

[A] Journey from Hopelessness to Life in Jesus
by Rev. Edward J. Balfour

[The] Jury Returns: A Juridical Defense of Christianity
by Dr. John Warwick Montgomery

Law and Gospel
by C.F.W. Walther

Lessons from Luther on the Inerancy of Holy Writ
by John Warwick Montgomery

[The] Life-Changing Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
by Don Matzat

[The] Limits of Christian Influence
by John Warwick Montgomery

Lord, Teach us to Pray
from Good News magazine

[The] Lost Tools of Learning
by Dorothy Sayers

Luther and the Mass - Justification and the Joint Declaration
by Daniel Preus

Luther on Vocatio: Ordinary Life for Ordinary Saints
by Steven A. Hein

[The] The Lutheran Identity Crisis
by Rev. Daniel Preus

Marketing the Message
by Don Matzat

Martin Luther and the Bible
by Cameron A. MacKenzie

Martin Luther and the Doctrine of Predestination
by Don Matzat

Martin Luther on Preaching:
by Patrick Ferry

Martin Luther: Pioneer of Reform
by Dr. Alister McGrath

Meditating Upon the Word
by Don Matzat

Messianic Prophecy
by Dr. Andrew Bartelt

[The] Ministry of the Holy Spirit
by Don Matzat

Mormons and Their Temples
by Mark E. Sell

Music: Gift of God or Tool of the Devil
by Richard Resch

[Article taken from] "Myth or Faith?"

[The] New Liberals
by Don Matzat

[A] New Reformation?
by Joseph P. Gudel

[A] New Reformation - The Faulty Gospel of Robert Schuller
by Joseph P. Gudel

The New White-Wine Pietists
by Craig Parton

Niebuhr's Christ and Culture Reexamined
by Angus J. L. Menuge

The Office of Christ
from Luther's Small Catechism

One God in Three Persons
by Dr. Bill Weinrich

Our Faith, Our Funerals, Our Future
by Dr. Jeffrey Gibbs

Parables of Atonement and Assurance: Matthew 13:44 - 46
by Jeffrey A. Gibbs

Paradigms of Praise
by Carl Schalk

[The] Person and Work of Christ
by Dr. Paul L. Maier

[The] Person and Work of the Holy Ghost
Luther's Small Catechism

[The] Pew versus the Sanctuary
by Don Matzat

Pietism and Mission: Lutheran Millennialismin the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
by Lawrence Rast Jr.

Possession or Suggestion?
by Don Matzat

Postmodernism & Sacred Scripture - Opportunities for Clarity on the Question of Christ & Culture
by Dean O. Wenthe

[The] Power of God's Word
by Robert Preus

Prayer, in Time of...
from Good News magazine

[The] Prayer of Jabez: A Review
by Daniel Gard

The Prayers We Offer
from Luther's Small Catechism

Precious Moments in American Religion
by Michael S. Horton

Proper Interpretation between Law & Gospel
from Good News magazine

Question and Answers About the Holy Spirit

Race Relations & Luther's Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms
by Uwe Siemon-Netto

Reading Between the Lines
by Gene Edward Veith

Regaining Biblical Hope: Restoring the Prominence of the Parousia
by Jeff Gibbs

REINCARNATION- Did The Church Suppress It?
by Joseph P. Gudel, Robert M. Bowman, Jr., and Dan R. Schlesinger

Religious Liberty in America
by David Adams

Repentance: Roman Catholicism, American Evangelicalism & Lutheranism
from Good News magazine

[The] Results of the Incarnation
by Dr. Ken Schurb

[The] Resurrection in Gospel Proclamation
by Ken Schurb

[The] Resurrection of Christ from the Explanation to Luther's Small Catechism

[The] Resurrection of the Body from the Explanation to Luther's Small Catechism

Revival or Apostasy?
by Don Matzat

[The] Revolution: Christian In Spite of Itself
by John Warwick Montgomery

Right and Wrong in the Workplace
by Jim Truesdell

Righteousness Sufficient and in Need of More
by Steven Hein

[The] Role of Psychology in Current Educational Reform
by W. R. Coulson, Ph.D

[The] Roman Governors
by Paul L. Maier

[The] Roots and Fruits of Pietism
by Ronald R. Feuerhahn

Questions and Answers That Clarify
from Good News magazine

Salvation in Christ
by Don Matzat

Sanctification by Grace Alone
by Rev. Dr. David Scaer

[The] Sanctification of Human Life
by Dr. Alvin Schmidt

Saved by God Alone!
by Don Matzat

School Prayers: A Common Danger
by John Warwick Montgomery

Science, Theology, and the Miraculous
by John Warwick Montgomery

Second-Last Sunday of the Church Year - Matthew 24:1-14
by Dr. Jeff Gibbs

Sectarian Apocalypticism in Mainline Christianity at the Millennium's Dawn
by Larry Nichols

Semantics, Referent, and Pragmatics
by Michael Middendorf

Setting the Stage
from A Better Way
by Dr. Mike Horton

[The] "Snake on a Pole" Issue
by Don Matzat

Solus Christus and the Pastor
by Rod Rosenbladt

Solus Christus in the Scriptures
by Rod Rosenbladt

Stem Cell Research: Theology
by Dr. Robert Weise

[A] Summary of the Evidence & Conclusions from The Oracles of God
by Andrew Steinmann

Theological Observer - Charles Finney on Theology and Worship
by Lawrence R. Rast, Jr.

Theological Symbolism in the Organ Works
of J.S. Bach

by David R. Maxwell

Theology and the Great Tradition of English Bibles
by Cameron A. MacKenzie

[A] Theology of Glory and a Theology of the Cross
by Don Matzat

There's No Place Like Home
by Lori Lewis

Thesis XVI
from The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel
by C. F. W. Walther

Three Modes of Eternal Life
by Dr. Louis A. Brighton

Through All Generations
by Dr. Gene Edward Veith

This is My Blood
from The Good New Magazine

[The] Times and Places of Jesus
by Paul L. Maier

Tithing: The 10% Rule and the Church
by Dr. James Bollhagen

To Be or Not to Be...a Clone
by Dr. Robert Weise

To Every Muslim An Answer
by Joseph P. Gudel

The Trinity We Profess: The Spirit Who Sustains

[The] True Father of the Modern Faith Movement
by D.R. McConnell

True for You But Not for Me
by Paul Copan

The Ultimate Question

Understanding the Times
by Fred Baue

Understanding Word-Faith Teaching
by Rob Bowman

United Pentecostal Church
by Dr. H. Wayne House

[The] Unthinkable has Become Thinkable
from The Same Sex Controversy
by James R. White and Jeffrey D. Niell

Various Teachings on Justification

Walther and Finney
by Tom Baker

What Does It Mean to be Lutheran Today?
by Laurence L. White

What Hath Terror Wrought?
by Gene Edward Veith

What is Centering?
by Don Matzat

What is Your Self-Image?
by Don Matzat

What Ye Think of the Promise Keepers?
by Robert Newton, John Armstrong, Kim Riddlebarger

When All is Believed...All is Done
by Steven Hein

Will You be "Left Behind"?
by G. Brent McGuire

Witnessing Christ to Non-Christians
by Mark Cares

Why Has God Incarnate Suddenly Become Mythical?
by John Warwick Montgomery

Why Promote Reformation Theology?
by Don Matzat

[The] Woman with Child and the Dragon
by Louis Brighton

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